About Me

Leung Kam Sing (Hong Kong)
Kam Sing Leung (Canada)

I am a visual artist specializing in drawing, painting and photography. In my artworks, I explore the form and content of the natural and the built environments as well as the abstract structures of art, science and mathematics. Through pictures, we can better understand ourselves and the world we live in, for art, like language, is “a form of life” or Lebensform—to borrow a concept from the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein.

After graduating from the University of Hong Kong with an architectural degree (B.Arch. 1985), I had worked as an architect in Hong Kong for over a decade before moving to Canada, where I studied philosophy at Simon Fraser University (Ph.D. 2008). Since then, I have completed the Advanced Study Certificate Program in Painting at Emily Carr University of Art + Design (2016).

I am a current member of the Hong Kong Institute of Architects, the American Philosophical Association and the Federation of Canadian Artists.